Cakes & Slices

Full Cakes

Chocolate Fudge 1,416  1,062
Ferrero Rocher 4lbs 2,655
Chocolate Decadence 1,416 2,389


Bounty Cake Slice 320
Chocolate Decadence Cake Slice 320
Chocolate Espresso Cake Slice 320
Chocolate Malt Cake Slice 320
Ferrero Rocher Cake Slice 320
Maltesers Cake Slice 350
New York Cheese Cake Slice 350
Red Velvet Cake Slice 320

Satisfy your sweet tooth cravings on our exclusive range of divine Cakes In Karachi and shop at the best prices in Pakistan.

Satisfy your sweet tooth cravings and feast on our range of divine cakes of different flavors. Apart for being the perfect treat for every occasion whether it’s a birthday or an anniversary, every cake of ours is literally a slice from heaven, with its exceptional taste which is a delicious blend of sweetness and creaminess baked to perfection.

Our cakes in Karachi are not just cakes, they are creations, designed to make your special occasions even more special. Del Frio serves the best cakes in Karachi ranging from the famous Red Velvet Cake to the insanely delicious chocolate cakes.

Smooth from the surface and delicious to the core is what malt cake is about!

If you’re looking for the best cake for your birthday celebrations, try our Malt cake that shares the true taste of modern European cakes and is perfect for your sweet celebrations. For Online Cakes Delivery in Karachi; Order Del Frio Online.

The Devil’s Food Cake

Delicious to the core as it said to be, Red Velvet cake shares an impeccable decadence of sweet & delight. Get our Birthday Cakes at the best prices in Karachi.

A day with the Ferrero


Said to be the most addictive of all, Ferrero Rocher is what you need to try this season. Each layer of Ferrero Rocher is made of hazelnut sponge cake and is then layered with rich Nutella and Chocolate, which makes it the most versatile cake of the 20th century. Order cakes online in Karachi!