Delightful Desserts

Del Frio's Hot Fudge Brownie 190  152
Brownie with Ice Cream 380  304
Nutella Brownie 290  232
Nutella Brownie with Ice Cream 490  392
Italian Bread Pudding with Vanilla Ice Cream 520  416
Nutella Waffle 620  496
Ferrero Rocher Waffle 650  520
Freshly Baked Cookie 450  360
Freshly Baked Cookie With Ice Cream 590  472
Chocolate Decadence Cake Slice 375  300
Chocolate Heaven Cake Slice 375  300
Chocolate Malt Cake Slice 375  300
Ferrero Rocher Cake Slice 375  300
New York Cheese Cake Slice 420  336
Red Velvet Cake Slice 375  300

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