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Chocolate Donut 140
Chocolate Sprinkle Donut 140
Cream Filled Donut 140
Chocolate Filled Donut 140
Ferrero Rocher Donut 140
Smarties Donut 140
Glazed Donut 140
Nutella Donut 140
Strawberry Donut 140

Our gourmet donuts are sure to satisfy any hankering you have for something sweet. So if you want to indulge in the perfect treat, we have your back. Our flavorsome array of donuts is not only a delight to munch on; it also makes a great present to give to your loved ones on their special occasions. So relish the delightful sweetness of our variety of delish donuts.


From a complimentary morning staple to an obsession, Donuts has come a long way to replace the old cupcakes as being the sweet treat. Del Frio serves the best donuts in Karachi ranging from the famous “Nutella Donut” to the insanely delicious “Ferrero Rocher Donut.” For online Donuts delivery in Karachi, order online!